Phil’s Sunday Walks

The late Phil Hawden started his Sunday walks around Felixstowe for the benefit of members and those who wanted to know more of the heritage of our town. The tradition of Phil’s Sunday walks are now  been carried on by members of the Society.

All walks start at 2.30pm


Sunday 22 April  – Felixstowe’s Trades & Businesses – Meet  Top of Bent Hill

Sunday 20 May – The Cobbold Walk – meet in car park of Brackenbury Sports centre 

Sunday 24 June – The Walton Walk part II – Meet outside Half Moon Pub 

Sunday 22 July – The Tomline Walk – Meet at Martello P in Martello Park 

Sunday 26 August -The Seafront Gardens – Meet outside the Town Hall 

Sunday 23 September – Victorian & Edwardian Felixstowe – Meet outside Cliff House in Hamilton Gardens

Sunday 18 November – Felixstowe WW1 – Meet at the Garrison Lane Car Park